Thursday, December 27, 2012

New porch for my girl

Last November I got a little busy working on my daughter's porch. Her old one was already dangerously worn out and almost dilapidated.

Photo of my boy going down the stairs. Look how worn out they are.
 Photos of my boy years ago at the porch while sissy was grilling.

Well, porch is one of my expertise, bragging aside so I am sharing some of the photos of the finished job that my Sweetie took.
 This is the stairs looking down from the smaller or upper porch at the main door.
 Same stairs going down the landing or the bigger or lower porch.
This lower porch is big enough for outdoor entertaining, grilling, chilling, or sunbathing which my daughter loves doing during summertime.
The second stairs going to the lower porch.
It took me about a couple of weeks to finish the job. It could be shorter if not for the weather. So if you like to have one like this.... contact me. wink*** :)
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