Monday, June 25, 2012

My Little Man is a Big Boy Now

I can't believe my boy is already 11 years old. Time flies. Yesterday my Sweetie held a birthday party for my boy. Just like every year it was special and intimate with only my family and closest friends in attendance.

Thanks to my Sweetie, she did another great job organizing my boy's birthday party just like what she did with mine.
And of course to my two wonderful daughter who helped and made an awesome Dino cake.
The party was simple yet fun. I just love how my Sweetie came up with the theme which was Brandon's idea. And boy, she did a good job. Thanks Sweetie.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bonding Time with my Loves

A couple of weeks ago, my Sweetie, my boy and I spent the warm sunny weekend at Kennebunk Beach.

We had a wonderful time fishing, swimming and just bumming out in the beach as we watched the President's boat docked at the Walker's Point where the former President George Bush and wife Barbara's summer house is. President Obama was said to be visiting on the same day.
Although we didn't really see the summer house from where we were, we knew that they were there because some speed boats and choppers patrolling the area.
A gorgeous sail boat cruised around the area. I was guessing, the Ex-Presidents friends and relatives must have been aboard and enjoying the nice weather.

My boy and my Sweetie, had a wonderful time bonding at the beach...

while I had "me time" fishing. I didn't catch any.
The day ended with a quick stop at McDonalds. What else? It's my boy's favorite restaurant.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The “S” word

Don’t say the “S” word if my Sweetie is around. I’ve learned my lesson years ago. This is not just true for my Sweetie alone but for most women I know and that include my 2 daughters and my mommy dearest. What is the “S” word? It stands for “SALE”. It also stands for “shopping and store”. So if you don’t want to get in trouble, then don’t say the “S” word. LOL. But then, even if I kept my silence, those 4 girls in my life find their way to the shopping mall every time there is huge sale, bargain, clearance, discount, and what-have-yous. I think it’s a woman’s basic instinct or maybe it’s in their genes. I really don’t know.

Recently, I got a little worried. My Sweetie has not been in the store lately except there regular weekends trip to the grocery store to buy our food supplies. Oh yes, I surely know if she has been in any store no matter how hard she tried to keep it secret from me. Though I secretly celebrate, I was kinda worried. It’s very unlikely of her. So I investigate.  She doesn’t go shopping in the store anymore. She shops – online! Ha!

I wouldn’t know about it if I didn’t come home and received one of her packages delivered at the house. Aha! Caught red-handed, she told me that she bought new pairs nikeid size 7 metal cleats for my boy and a nice menssoccer sweat pants zippered ankle for me in my color and other new stuff for the new grill for our summer weekends cookout. Well, I had to admit I was kinda impressed because when I saw the receipt, she did get a good deal.
So now do you think online shopping change anything at all in our relationship? Yes, it did. I become an online shopper now too. I realized that is the coolest online comparison shopping website where you can find thousands of cool stuff where you can compare prizes and brands from almost all leading retail stores. serves as an efficient search engine for wise buyers who don’t only want to save money but time as well. They provide a comparison shopping technology which is an effective tool to sort out large selection of products and shop for discounts and lowest prizes you could imagine. And yes, I got myself a bike rack for suv walmart brand with discount coupon.
Well, I am not really well verse in shopping lingo like my Sweetie. All I know is that, I love because I don’t have to drive my Sweetie to the Mall and wait for hours while she browses over hundreds of items and comparing prizes. She can go shopping in her PJs while doing the laundry and preparing my lunch. Now, with, you can go ahead… and say the “S” word!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Surprise Birthday Party that never was

My Sweetie surprises me with a birthday party last Sunday. It was supposed to be a surprise party for me until my mom told me that I need to be home on that day because the girls are coming and they are having and celebration for me. Guess, I'm not the only one who has a big mouth in the family. lol

So I was expecting an ordinary celebration with the usual. By "usual" I mean - cake, ice cream and some grilled chicken or steak since it will be a cookout. But I was wrong.

This is what my Sweetie came up with.

What a nice day it was! I was indeed surprise. Why wouldn't you love her, huh?

Friday, June 1, 2012


Life may seem simple in its grandeur state.

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