Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Helping Mother Nature

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I have built houses for over 20 years now. And trust me building techniques are changing more often now that it used to 20 years ago. Modern technologies and inventions paved a way to new building designs and amenities. And with the unending search to save our planet and going green, it is not surprising that even our government is investing to come up with strategies and incentives to encourage people to use energy saving building materials and home equipment.

I am no environmentalist. But I love the idea to save our planet and I do my share in protecting our environment. Why not, I love the outdoors. It’s my playground. I hunt, I fish, I pan for gold and a whole bunch of things I do as hobbies. I do everything outdoors so I want to protect my playgorund - my environment.
And one of the greatest inventions that we have right now is the solar panel. And just recently I found out that there is such thing as - Solar Panel Rebates.

For our recent building projects, we now install Home Solar Panels Most of our clients and homeowners are now aware of the said rebates. I think that it is the right incentive to consume clean energy. The rebates from solar panel are given by the governments which are offered both to companies and the people who opted to install them in their homes. Cool huh!

For those of you who are still not familiar with the Rebates on Solar Panels, here’s what you need to know about solar power rebates:

#1: These rebates can comprise a significant amount.
These rebates are quite an incentive. Depending on the number and the quality of the panels that you install, you can get thousands of dollars in rebates. I know people who got tens of thousands. It depends on a number of factors.
#2: Solar power rebates make the use of solar power worth it.
At the moment, it’s quite hard to produce clean energy. The technology is not there yet. The economic incentive for producing clean energy doesn’t exist without the intervention of government.
#3: The amount saved with solar power rebates is different from state to state.
I can’t tell you right now how much money you are going to get in your particular case. There are too many variables and the amounts differ tremendously from state to state. Some states offer 10%, others 50% and others even more.
#4: Check out the regulations regarding solar panels in your own state.
Each state and country has its own incentives, rules and regulation regarding clean energy. Read all the rules and the exceptions. Only after you understand the rules, you should decide the next steps including the type of clean energy that you are going to use.
#5: In addition, you can gain an income stream as long as you produce a surplus of clean energy.
The purpose of solar energy is not to help you become energy independent. This is not really possible at the moment unless you live close to equator. Its purpose is to help you consume more clean energy.
#6: Why do we have rebates for clean energy?
Governments like to tell people what to do. In this case, they wanted to increase the amount of clean energy. Clean energy is better for the environment because it doesn’t expel any greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The clean energy generators do not create pollution while they produce clean energy. A few examples of clean energy generators are wind turbines and solar panels.

Living in a cold state like Maine where winter is usually long and cold, you will most likely generate less energy than you need for your household consumption. And during certain days of the summer, you will likely generate a huge surplus of energy. "This surplus will be transmitted in the national grid and you will get paid for it each month. Don’t you like this idea? This is how you will be able to reduce your electricity bill", according to the study.

Although we know that the main problem with clean energy is that it’s expensive. But as we all know and experience, it is more expensive than the older ways of generating electricity. Everybody see that clean environment is the way to go and yet nobody wants the idea to pay a lot more for clean energy. So this is why governments created incentives for people and businesses like mine to install clean energy generators like solar panels and wind turbines.

Well, at the moment, according to record, “you can find probably the best social panel rebates in the states of California, New Jersey and Hawaii. You can benefit a lot from these rebates especially if you live in these states”. So if you are thinking of slashing huge chunk of money from your expenses, check out the legislation of your state to learn what you have to do to qualify for solar panel rebates and if they are worth it. It’s the best incentives we can have right now and the best thing we could do to Mother Nature!

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