Monday, March 28, 2011

Sapping it

Okay, I know this supposed to be about my carpentry job but since lately that my projects are minor jobs, I thank God though that I have time to do things that are productive.

Spring has finally sprung, though Wifey is not very thrilled because we get snow almost every two days... I on the other had is okay with it since it is good for the maple trees. Yup, I tapped our trees and the saps are coming like rain.
I already collected 3 huge buckets and will start boiling them soon.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Scrubs Save my Day

My daughter works as a caregiver for over 5 years now. I am so proud of her. She’s a dedicated and hard worker. I just love to see her wearing her medical scrubs every time she comes for a visit. She looks so dignified and professional.

Last January , I was too busy working and didn’t have time to go shopping for her birthday presents. Well, of course I really don’t do shopping. It’s my Sweetie’s department. But she sometimes asks me what I want to give my children so I would come up with suggestions. But still, it’s up to her if she will get it or not. In other words, she got the last word.

Then I told her that maybe we could get Heather a new set of nursing uniform scrub. And viola, she knew were to get the best scrubs. Next thing I knew she was buying scrubs online. And before long, Mr. UPS was standing at my doorstep carrying the package. And that saved my day and my spot in my daughter's heart. LOL

Monday, March 7, 2011

Season Change Cleaning

I don't know about other people but with my Sweetie, cleaning is a must every season change. She has spring cleaning, summer cleaning, fall cleaning and of course, winter cleaning schedules. So before each season ends she needs to clean the house from top to bottom. She is a little OCD in that case. She has different totes or boxes for different items for different season and just the task of putting away items each season is really taxing. It would be ok if she would do it herself, but the thing is she needs a hand or two. hahaha And you can't say NO or else... go figure what will happen.

So winter season is about to end and I am expecting that we will be needing to clean the carpet and upholstery again just like last season change. It's a pain-in-the-you-know-what especially if we have to do it manually since we are on a tight budget right now. But good thing that commercial carpet cleaners austin is just around and reliable and more importantly - affordable.

They provide a lot of cleaning services such as dog odor removal austin, dry steam cleaner austin and upholstery steam cleaner austin, just to name a few of their services. So, I am not really worried right now because I know I have something to fall my back on and keep my Sweetie happy. And that is the most important of all. wink***

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Help

Maybe not many people are aware that there is a new funding scheme to keep Californians out of foreclosure and bankruptcy which is currently held up by banks. Well, I am not aware of it too, I just read it online and thought it will help some people to post it here. So if you are curious… you can check it out Sacramento bankruptcy attorney and get the help you need.

Tough Times

Tough times seem getting tougher. To think that I am hoping that the economy will soon bounce back, home foreclosures are still on the rise. So construction jobs are still scarce here. That is one reason why no matter how much I want to post anything about my work or job-related issues, I am having a hard time. After a couple of projects before Christmas and after the New Year, I am here again waiting for another project. I am trying my hands again on new bidding here and there but to no avail.

And when the economy is shaky, everything is unstable. Everybody feels the pinch and Wifey is not exempted from it. She is already complaining about everything too from bills to food and gas prices, from services to glasses frames. But what can we do? Everything is beyond anybody's control... not even Obama. So who do we blame for the economy? Libya? Oh don't get me started. I am not into politics.

Oh well, life is tough enough and there is no sense in blaming or pointing fingers. Hard work is getting valuable okay but beyond that we need patience and faith to be able to get by. And have a bite of a chocolate. wink*
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