Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gold Panning is Over

I's been a while since I last wrote here. Aside from a few "guest posts" every not too often, my blogging really took a back seat because My Sweetie is now working on weekends too. Well, if she is not home on weekends I rather not be home too and blogging [I took a weekend job too and I hang out with some friends when I was not working]. And besides I really spent the whole summer gold panning which reminds me that I should have posted a lot of interesting blogs if I wasn't too lazy to do so. Well, what else is new? [I can hear My Sweetie saying]
Okay, so gold panning is over folks because the river is too cold to dredge now. I will not brave it for hypothermia's sake because I have big plans for next summer.
Summer is long gone and it is now fall... it's time for Deer Hunting season... which starts TODAY!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Putting together my own home gym

Guest post written by Rob Sommers

One thing that I really miss about college, besides all the fun that I had, was that the student rec center on campus was open 24 hours a day. That really helped me out because a lot of times my busy schedule with business school classes and studying meant that I would only have time to work out late at night or really early in the morning before my classes. Now it's tough to find regular gyms that have hours like that, which has kept me from exercisign a lot lately. So I'm workiing on putting together my own gym at home.

I looked up some stuff about home gyms with my DIRECT TV internet and got a lot of information about what kind of equipment people typically put in them. But then I was thinking that maybe I could hire someone to design one for me.

Either way, I sat down and thought about the equipment that I would want and need for my home gym. I knew that I definitely want a set of hand weights and a tread mill because those are the things that I always use when I go to the gym.
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