Thursday, August 12, 2010

Miss my Sweetie

I was busy working on a new project for couple of weeks now and it's almost done. I have only a few more hours to finish up on the wall and will move on to the next project, hopefully.

Weekends is here and just like any other weekends of summer, I will be spending it again up Byron at the Swift River, gold panning hoping to find my nuggets.

Last weekend, I brought my boy with me. We did have a good time except on some occasions where he got bored and gave me a hard time.

My Sweetie has no time to go gold panning with me anymore since she also works on weekends now. Oh how I miss her in the camp. Now I need to set up the tent, cook meals, sort the rocks out, and all other stuff - all by myself. It was indeed great to have an extra pair of hands. And I was so sorry for giving her a hard time each time we went gold panning because I was being such a jerk sometimes.

Now I will go up Byron alone again.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Guest post written by Sue Yance

Every Wednesday night I go and play BINGO with some of my friends. It’s kind of a tradition and we always sit in the same spot out of habit. Where I sit, I always have my back turned to the caller. This wasn’t much of a problem for a long time because I could hear him just fine.

But in the past couple of months it’s been getting harder and harder for me to hear the caller so I have to stay turned a little bit in my seat or turn around after each number is called so that I can see which one is lit up on the board.
This was getting annoying to me and my friends mentioned that it was starting to wreck their concentration. So I knew I better do something about it or I’d hear about if from them every week.

I found some miracle hearing aids reviews that seemed pretty good and some miracle ear hearing aid prices that I thought were in my budget. I think I’m going to go and get some later this week so I can keep outperforming my friends.
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