Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finding Tickets For Streetlight Manifesto

Contributed by Milford Woods

Streetlight Manifesto is a ska band from New Jersey that was formed in 2003, after lead singer and songwriter Tomas Kalnoky left his previous band Catch 22. They released their debut cd Everything Goes Numb on August 26, 2003. The 12 track cd was the first full length offering from the band after their four track demo was released only a year earlier. The album deals with subjects relating to suicide, literature and existentialism, and social out casts. Much of the cd makes reference to Keasby NIghts, a cd that was released by Thomas before he departed Catch 22.

In November of 2007 Streetlight released their second cd titled Somewhere in the Between. Two of the tracks, We Will Fall Together and Would You Be Impressed, were notable as they were the first two music videos produced by Streetlight. As an added bonus to fans, the band made the cd available at their hometown show. Including a poster with every cd sold, it was made available only at the show four days before it's official release date.

When Streetlight released their latest tour schedule with a plan to stop in Baltimore, I knew that I had to get tickets. Music venues in Baltimore have joined together to create a website that makes it easier for people to purchase tickets to their favorite shows in the area. I ordered my tickets using my 4g internet and TV deal and was able to print them from the comfort of my own house.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Special Touch to the House

We use P.O. Box for our mailing address. I feel that is better than the mailbox since the box is too small for some of the deliveries that I need. But my Sweetie has a special fond for mailboxes. She loves taking pictures of mailboxes.

I, on the other hand, am very fond of address plaques. I think they are a special feature of the house. It gives a certain character about the house. And it gives a unique marking for the house. And since our address plaque is personalized, I think it gives our home a special character uniquely ours. 

Well, address signs and house address plaques are just ordinary things that are not my concern in house building but as a home owner myself... yes, it is optional. But it added special touch to the house. And I quote my Sweetie for that last statement.

Friday, July 9, 2010

How We Celebrate our 3rd Year Anniversary

I have been busy lately. Awwws... that's an understatement.

Or maybe not. I have been busy looking for work lately. Ohhh... that sounds better and more truthful.

Yup... been busy lately that is why all my post here are Guest Posts which I really appreciate.

Well, I have been busy lately with gold panning too. And that is the most exciting part. Though Wifey thinks that I am planning to do gold panning full time. But that is not so true. Gold panning is just my hobby. Ok... I need to correct that before Wifey reacts. Gold panning is one of my many hobbies.

Oh well, don't get me going. I am writing today not because of gold panning. I will have a separate post on that. Meantime, I am writing because me and Wifey just celebrated our 3rd year Wedding Anniversary.

Yup, she is stuck with me for 3 years now. LOL. 

Three years and it felt like forever. Thank God that we made it to the 3rd year. Our relationship is just like any other's. It isn't perfect. There were rough spots. There were tough roads. There were difficult turns. But still we made it. We got there. And now we are moving on to the next. Hope we will continue to go through thick and thin.

Taken during our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary at Nova Scotia, Canada

Wifey got me gifts... a shirt because she believes that I need to have a descent shirt to wear when we go out on a date which is very seldom now. And a belt because she is kinda disturbed every time I pull my pants up. Isn't she sweet. I didn't get her anything on our anniversary. My Bad! And in fact I even gave her a hard time and engaged her in some argument. She was so pissed at me. I feel guilty now. I just don't know why I always lose control of my temper. But I still love her so. I just hope that she will always forgive me... or else I will never forgive myself.

My Sweetie... my new Bride, during our first gold panning expedition in Byron, Maine in 2007 just a couple of weeks after we got married.

And yes, we celebrated our 3rd year anniversary in New Hampshire... gold panning.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to Fill in The Gap Until Football Season Arrives

This was written by guest blogger Frank Page

One of the hardest things to do is figure out what sports there are to watch on satellite tv during the summer, while waiting on football to start again. Personally, my most favorite sport by far is football. The problem is that it only last from roughly September to the end of January, which leaves a large gap of time having to figure out something to watch until the beginning of the next season.

After doing some soul searching I decided that watching NASCAR was the most likely choice. In a way, NASCARis kind of like football. The big race happens only once during the week, unlike basketball or baseball where you have games all during the week.

There is a good amount of buildup, and drama between race teams, and drivers on how to approach each week from track to track. Some of the top drivers like Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are great competitors, and keep the action interesting from week to week.

It works out great because the NASCAR schedule basically begins at the end of the football schedule and runs through the middle of the next season’s football schedule. I’ve found that this was the best way find some sports to watch on TV during the summer, and a way to keep interested in something worthwhile until my favorite sport starts again in the Fall.

I would highly suggest it, grab a weekly NASCAR schedule, and start enjoying some top notch competitors go at it.
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