Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Sweetie is Driving me Crazy

Here is the thing. Wifey is crazy of going to LA to see her cousin whom she has not seen for over 10 years. I understand. I agree that she needs to get in touch and reconnect with family. And I am very supportive of her.

But what I am not in agreement about the whole idea of going to California is that she wants us to drive to go there. You see, our Ford Explorer is not that reliable for long trips especially if we are talking about coast to coast driving across the US continent. Of course we are not really driving straight to California. Knowing my Sweetie we will surely taking side trips here and there… spend over night in some interesting cities to take photos and of course, go shopping.

But I am not really too crazy about driving our Ford Explorer for long trips because of some issues with its head gasket. But my Sweetie said that it’s alright because there is such thing as Los Angeles auto repair shop.

So what do you think? Do you think I will win in this argument? Do you think I have a chance with her logic and convincing power? Do you think she is insane? Do you think I have a choice?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The real Road Test

School will be soon over and it means vacation time. For most of us, Carpenters, it is actually work season. This is the time where construction job is in full swing to take advantage of the warm and nice weather. Ask any carpenter and he will tell you… weather is a big factor in any building construction for obvious reasons.

And speaking of nice warmer weather, this is also a nice time for road trips. Yeah, a lot of Americans spend lots of time, precious dollars, and gas to go places and enjoy the weather. So if you are planning to go on a road trip, be sure that you are prepared for the unexpected. If you are taking your old Toyota Camry be sure to check engine light so that your planned vacation will not end up in an auto repair shop.

But then, if the unexpected really happens, don’t worry especially if you are travelling around Chicago area because Chicago auto repair will surely put your auto back in shape and put you back on the road.

Friday, May 14, 2010

To Camp or Not to Camp

It’s camping season again. The ground and the water in the rivers and lakes are still a little bit cold but in few weeks time, I know it will warm up… both the ground and water.

If Wifey is all crazy about spring because she loves taking photos of all sorts of flowers, I on the other hand am all crazy about summer. I can’t wait for summer to come. I can’t wait for summer because it is the best time to do all the things I love to do like… camping, fishing and gold panning. Last summer, we spent almost all weekends up north doing just that. It was fun despite all the whining and complaining and ranting. Well, Wifey used to enjoy “hotel camping” a couple of years ago because she loves the convenience of the bathroom which you cannot find in serious campsites.

Last year, I was able to convince her to try the campsites and yeah, there was a little struggle here and there but somehow she still not too crazy about the whole thing. She did go anyway. This year, I am looking at some motorhomes at a local trade fair to find out if there is one that we can afford so I will not have a hard time convincing my Sweetie to go camping with me again.

Car Finance… should not be a problem

If you own a car, whether for personal use or for work, you need a reliable car finance to be able to keep up with your installment plan.

If you own a car, car finance should not be a problem that the owner has to deal with especially in this tough economy.

If you own a car, car finance should be reasonable and affordable to be able to pay mortgage on time and avoid high interest rates.

And if you own a car, whether you buy cash or on car loan, car finance should not be a problem to be able to keep up with your personal finances.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back to Siding

Finally, I get the chance to work again on our house renovation. My Sweetie is very impressed so far.

I have been doing our house's side for quite awhile. Well, I have been working on it... on and off... for awhile for varied reasons.

Here is some of the photos of the work in progress that I am doing so far.

I know this "on-going project" of ours will be put to hold again once I get another project. Oh well, my commitment with my client will always come first before my own needs... and I hope my Sweetie will always understand. wink*

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