Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's Maine Maple Sunday

It's Maine Maple Sunday today. Celebrated every 4th Sunday of March, Maple Sunday is the sweetest day in Maine's calendar of events, quite literally and figuratively. Why not, we produce the best maple syrup in the planet [though a lot of places claim that title too]. Anyway, I'm not really too crazy about maple syrup except that I cannot eat my pancakes, waffles and french toast without it. Well, not really too crazy huh. But for my Sweetie... she can cook dishes with a dash of maple syrup... like her recycled left-over ham on pineapple and maple syrup. OMG... it is something to-die-for [not quite literally though]. LOL.

[my recycled sap bucket]

And just so you know... while waiting for the economy to take a different route up... I made myself productive by tapping some of our maple trees outback. And since I am not really into Maple Syrup production... I don't have any of those standard equipments used for tapping sap. I used recycled juice and milk bottles or gallons to collect the sap from the tree. And that I think... makes my sap organic. wink*

[standard sap buckets used by Maine farmers]

And since I really don't know how to make maple syrup I have a friend who produce maple syrup for business... so I brought all the sap I collected to him for cooking.

He has a big syrup boiler where he cooks the sap. And it takes 50 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup. That is why he doesn't use recycled bottles to collect sap... but meters upon meters of plastic pipes attached to the tree and to a motor to suck the sap up faster that goes straight to the boiler.

And there is your sweet Sunday.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Unique Wordpress Themes

Are you looking for wordpress themes that you can download for free? Looking for the finest and innovative WP templates for your website? Well, look no further because WP Rex is just a click away. They provide the most excellent WP themes that you can customize yourself. How cool is that?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Education and Economy... again

In this present economic situation where unemployment is not just a threat to one’s financial stability but emotional and psychological state of mind and where underemployment is not just an option but the only choice to survive… education or skill are two important factors that will determine if one has the strength or the weakness in the job market.

In this present economic crisis, more and more people are going back to school to update their knowledge and to upgrade their skills. And I am not talking about High School graduates but rather… middle aged people who are already working or have just lost their jobs. People who already been out of school for a long time are going back to school and learning new courses because the courses that they took a long time ago are already obsolete.

My Sweetie... despite her college education and a master's degree tucked under her sleeves is still taking Adult Education courses. She started with Medical Terminology class which she passed with flying colors... now she is into Medical Billing and Coding. She is thinking of switching to Health Care career. And I am pressured to finish my GED which I already started a year ago and have only one subject left to pass... English Grammar. What the heck... am I having a hard time with this subject considering it is my native language! My Sweetie already gave up on tutoring me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

At your Service!

Managing a business is tough. Managing a commercial building is tougher. And managing a commercial building as a business is the toughest. If you are in need of reliable commercial building maintenance service that has proven capabilities to provide better and more consistent performance compared to “Company Owned/Branch” or “Franchised” service models… then Integrated is the way to go.

Why? Because Integrated can help you improve procurement efficiency and services management by their unique robust central transaction infrastructure & multiple layers of process/quality controls which is a requirement to successfully manage service fulfillments on a national basis.

Since Integrated offers True Nationwide service they have supply chains in all strategic places of the United States even in the rural areas which is often overlooked by most service companies. They also offer multi-service platform which includes all of the basic building/property maintenance services such as landscape, snow removal, pest control, parking lot sealing & striping, dark/vacant property maintenance and inspections, seasonal HVAC maintenance, custodial plus a variety of repairs such as door & window, flooring, fence/gate, HVAC and general repairs and other minor works like plumbing, electrical, locksmith, painting, and even disaster clean up.

So if you are in need of maintenance services whether recurring or scheduled, on-demand or repair… Integrated is the one at your service.

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On Doing what We Got To Do

The economic situation is not getting any better in two weeks time. That we all know. And as an optimist, I got to do what I got to do. I need to keep myself updated and on the loop on how I can keep up with my financial standing if I want to keep my sanity intact.

It’s a tough world to live in. And if it’s any consolation, it’s good to know that this is not happening to me alone. And it does help to know that there is a solution and that the government is doing their job to alleviate the impact of the crisis even just by knowing that they are debating on some st*pid solutions. LOL

Credit card debt is a sign of economic crisis. Credit history and bad credit status pose a great threat on acquiring another credit to solve financial problem. But there is a new way to solve this problem. It is called credit card consolidation which is offered by banks as a financial solution through approved nonprofit agencies. Through credit card consolidation, Credit Card Counselors can assist the borrowers who are struggling with unsecured debt. They can help them get lower interest rates and overall monthly payments, and no late or over-limit fees.

So don’t wait for the politicians to come up with a solution to the problems that they themselves made… let’s just do what we got to do.

Oil Change… anyone?

Tired of high gas prices? Why not explore, develop and acquire your own domestic oil and gas reserves? Why not? The Gulf Coast region of the United States is a potential venue to strike gold.

Check out Gulf Coast Western: Happy Investors, No Complaints and be ready to contribute and invest on your future.

Construction: An Exhausting and a Rewarding Job

As a builder having your own business or operating your own construction company is both exhausting and rewarding. It’s exhausting because you have to deal with all the problems that any builder have to deal with. It’s rewarding because I have a descent job and I can express my talent and use my skill to help people build their dream houses.

I am not really a big time construction company. I don’t operate in a large scale simply because I don’t like the headache. I like to make things simple too and no complication as much as possible. I could build from scratch and work my way up to a finished building or renovate here and there depending on the client’s preferences or requirements.

But in this kind of economic situation, the construction business is taking a slow route to building a future again. And small construction business like mine is not exempted from the negative result of the economic crisis. But if there is one thing that will not change... it is my optimism of the future. I hope that the economy will bounce back like spring and everybody will be okay again.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Building an Energy Saving Home

In this time where the economy is really tough, it really takes a lot of skill and talent for any household to make both ends meet. It takes a lot of hard work and even sacrifices to keep one’s head afloat in this sinking economy. And to be able to do that, Energy saving tips are very important tools that can help family run their household without sacrificing their basic necessities.

As a builder, we owe it to our clients to help them in any way we can even beyond the concept of construction. Well, with our basic knowledge on home building, we sure have additional knowledge too on home energy tips that we can share to our clients especially those new homeowners on how to manage their house more efficiently and effectively. Tips like using energy saving home appliances that can help them cut down on their bills is just one.

Well, I may not be an expert on running the house as compared to my Sweetie but sure we have an important tool that we use to help us manage our household – Hohm. This website is like a Financial Manager that helps you monitor your expenses and energy consumption and gives you recommendations and tips on how to save energy. Hohm even provides important tips and links where you can get rebates and special offers to bring more money to your piggy bank.

Life is tough, indeed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no hope. We do have hope and we have the means that can help us make our home more energy efficient. There is a tool that can provide us the basic knowledge not only to save energy but to save money as well. So, why not take action now? Sign up for aFREE and start SAVING.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I love/hate Special Occasions

Wifey loves weddings. My Mom loves weddings. My Nana loved weddings. And my two grown-up daughters dream of having their own magical weddings someday. What's up with women and weddings?

I hate weddings. No, don't get me wrong. It's just that I'm a very shy guy. I hate the crowd and I hate dressing up. If only I could attend wedding on my working boots and overalls. Weddings are fine and I would certainly look forward to it only because I do love the free food and the free drinks. LOL

I hate weddings. No, offense meant. I just feel that weddings are very touchy. Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions but I can't help it to be touchy when I see the groom shed tears... the father-of-the-bride sobs... the father-of-the-groom cries... or even when the Best Man becomes teary-eyed because when they happen, I can easily get carried away and I would start crying too. And Wifey will surely make fun of me when we get home.

But if there is anything I like about weddings aside from the free food and drinks... it's the wedding invitations. Surprise? Well, I may not be an artistic or creative person but I know how to appreciate arts. Wifey loves to collect wedding invitations and I love looking at them. I think they are nice remembrance of thsoe special occasions. And I even like those save the date cards that usually go with the invitations. They are cute and adorable. Now, what am I talking about? hahahaha I am a guy and I should not be talking about these girly thingies.

But seriously, I do hate weddings because I hate being emotional, it robs me off my manly appeal. But on the contrary, I do love weddings too because of the things that go with it. Those things that make any wedding memorable and worth remembering.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Sweetie Drives me Nuts

So here is the thing. I got Wifey a new pair of earrings to match the necklace that I got for her on Christmas. She was freakin' out. LOL

Well, I was really a pain-in-her-you-know-what since we got married and for the first couple of years that we have been together, I never heard her say anything every time we would have an argument or whenever I would hurt her feelings. She would just sit quietly and cry. It does melt my heart every time she would do that. And whatever she was thinking for doing that... it worked... it made me feel guilty once I saw those tears running down her checks. I would just swear to you-know-who that I wish she would speak her mind because I cannot take her silent treatment. It was a torture. It was very effective.

Well, after a couple of years... she learned to speak her mind. So much for wishing it. They are right... be careful with what you wish for... you might get it. And I did. Now she won't shut up. And for some reasons... the impact is still the same... whether she opens her mouth or not.

But, one thing for sure... my Sweetie isn't perfect... and so do I. And she drives me crazy whatever she does.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old Person... New School

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Learn dot com. All opinions are 100% mine.

In this present economic condition, no one wants to be left behind because the world will not stop revolving just because some people stop learning. More people are now taking advantage of the new trend in educational system regardless of age. And more people are accepting the fact that education has gone a long way from “old school” to new kind of educational system. And I am one of those people I mentioned earlier. At my age… with my skill… and with the present economic situation, I know there is no way I could cope with the trend if I will not be open to new ideas. And with new ideas, I'm so glad that I learned about Elearning.

I learned to use the computer and the internet through my personal effort and persistence. And I am proud to say that it is paying off. But to be able to learn new skill and knowledge that I can use to improve my way of life or financial status or simply make my dream come true is something more exciting if not rewarding.

Through surfing I discovered this website called and learned about Skill Score where it provides job seeker a unique tool to use to become “job ready” and for the potential employers an avenue to find this “job ready” individual that matches their job requirement. This concept is entirely new to me and out of curiosity I registered for free and tried one of their Free Courses to check on my Skill Score. I took the JSS: Program 1 - Massive Action and How to get Face-to-Face Interviews. I had fun taking the course.

My personal opinion on this type of short course is that… it is very helpful and user-friendly. For people like me who did not get the chance to go to college this is “huge”. It is not intimidating and not too complicated. It provides clear instructions on what to do and how to go about the course. It presents a step by step instruction with matching pictures and easy to navigate buttons to guide the person taking the test. It emphasizes or outlines 6 basic points [such as; taking action, condition yourself, assessing personality style, attitude, goals and intentions, and a daily plan] that a person needs to focus on to be able to achieve his dream job. And I think that this is indeed a helpful tool for anyone who is seeking for a more rewarding job to be able to prepare them to be job ready and confident to do the job he is dreaming of.

Well, if you are like me who is not afraid to pursue a dream and who is willing to take a second chance in achieving a long time goal, this is the first step that you should take so you can evaluate yourself. It will help you not only discover your weaknesses and strengths but assist you in your crucial decision-making process or direct you to the one that will help you succeed.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Wifey's Birthday Disaster

It's Wifey's birthday on Sunday. I'm feeling the pressure. LOL

Well, it's not that she is demanding. I just felt that I got to do something on this special day because of 3 important reasons.

1. I had a hard time remembering her birth date when we were new in the relationship. And it kinda stuck on her mind. When she celebrated her birthday for the very first time as my wife... I got confused with the date and it hurt her so bad and every time her special day is fast approaching or anybody's birthday for that matter, she will remind me that I don't know her birth date.

2. On the second year that she celebrated her birthday as my Wife... I kinda screwed up again. Though I did remember her birthday on the exact date... I gave her a hard time by insisting on doing what I wanted to do on her birthday instead of giving her a choice to do what she wanted. It was indeed a disaster. I've learned my lesson well.

3. And even if I screwed up on those two consecutive years... and made her felt so bad on her special day... she never failed to make my own birthday so special with all the surprises and gifts that she planned and showered me. And I felt even worse and guilty for what I have done on her birthday.

This year it will be her 3rd birthday as my Wife... and I don't want to ruin it for her again. This time I will surely make it a point to make an extra ordinary thing that will make her happy. And I hope that I will not screw up the third time.

So help me God!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going the Extra Mile

Some builders do other jobs other than building or carpentry not just to satisfy their clients but to show their dedication to their job. As builder our work is not done when the building or house is finished. We owe it to our home-owners or clients to do our work beyond the call of duty because we are proud of our service.

Well, one of the examples I could site is helping them find the best truck rentals. Since I know how hard it is to move in to a new house, especially transferring their stuff from one place to another I introduced them to U-Pack. With U-Pack price does not only include fuel but taxes and driver as well. And moving cost doesn't rise when fuel prices rise. And when they found out about that I know that they are more than happy and satisfied with my service. Then I know that my job is really done.

Talking about taking an extra mile, huh.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wifey… the Tooth Fairy

When Wifey and I spent a brief vacation in Texas with her cousin, I was not very happy. Well, it was actually a fun vacation for most part of it except that my tooth was bothering me that time. Yes, of all time to bother me… on a much awaited vacation.

Anyway, Wifey was not happy too because when there is anything bothering me… I bother her. So she did what she does best… surf the net and presto… she stumbled upon Cedar Park Dentist and immediately her cousin drove us there. Boy, I was so happy that my Sweetie found out about this dentist clinic. Their service is superb and the staff is not just friendly but they know what they are doing and they are good at it.

Well, as usual my Sweetie saved the day… ain’t she the real Tooth Fairy?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Poor Wifey and Her Chinese

My Sweetie is not very happy today. She had her medical check up with her Gastroenterologist last Monday and she was advised to come back tomorrow... Friday for the Colonoscopy procedure. That isn't fun.

My poor Sweetie is not really very happy today. She is on detox diet and cannot take anything solid but jello. And of all flavors... only lime and lemon. She cannot take anything color red, blue or purple. But she did have some Chinese for supper last night. She and her Chinese! Can't argue with that.

My Sweetie pie is not so happy but I am happy that she will finally take that procedure so she will feel fine soon and for my peace of mind.

Problem Solved

In this tough economy, getting a credit is tough. Well, that’s what we always think. But I do believe that there are many ways in getting to one place. And with regards to financial problems… there are many ways in arriving to one solution…!

So if you are in need of car credit… and worried about your credit status? Don't be disheartened and just go to and apply. It is your one solution to your problem. Because with… people with bad credits are not turned away. They can finance your dream car without worrying about your credit status… so you can arrive in your next destination... with peace of mind.
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