Sunday, January 31, 2010

Building Materials and Climate

It was brutally cold the other day. The temperature was around single digit but the wind chill registered at below 10 degrees. So it was really really cold. And Wifey was not very impressed. I couldn't blame her because she was not used to that kind of weather.

Wifey is from the Philippines which is a tropical country in Asia. Being a tropical country, the Philippines experience only 2 kinds of season - wet and dry. They don't have fall and winter.
The Philippines being a tropical country is a good place to do one of my favorite hobbies - scuba diving. But this post is not about scuba diving. I will surely share about it here in the future because this post is about building materials.

As a builder, we certainly build houses or buildings based on different factors. And one of the factors that we consider in the construction of a house or building is climate.

To state the obvious, we use building materials that are compatible to the kind of climate where the establishment will be built. We need to consider climate in choosing the right materials simply because the weather will affect the total functionality of the building.

In the Philippines, where the climate is humid, the major building material they use in building construction is concrete. Most houses and buildings are built using concrete materials simply because it is tough with rain. The country experience about 20 typhoons a year and flooding is inevitable specially in the city and lower elevation.

There are 15 different kinds of building materials available to use in the construction of a building. But having the knowledge of the kind of weather or climate does a place have is the initial step in deciding which building materials are appropriate in the construction of the of the building. Climate is a major consideration a builder should take to be able to build effectively and efficiently.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

To Work or Not to Work

It's nice out. Well, sort of.

It's sunny and the clear blue sky post no treat of any storm on the horizon. But the bitter cold temperature of below 4 degrees and the brutally freezing wind chill of negative 10 degrees make this nice weekend not a favorable day for ice fishing.

Well, ice-fishing is not really in my "to-do list" today. Wifey was actually looking forward to it than to go shopping with her friends today [Wow, I can't believe it! hahaha just kidding] but, I have to go to work. Yes, I am working on a project right now and... [maybe] for now.

It's been awhile and I am just glad that despite the present economic crisis, I still get the chance to work even on some rare occasions compared to not working at all. And considering the present economic situation, where people are getting laid off left and right, I am grateful enough that I still have the opportunity to make myself productive.

Lucky, I don't work for a company because one good thing about being self-employed is that... you don't get laid off. hahaha It's either you work or you don't because there is no project. But once you get one, you work your b*tt off again and work your a*s to the fullest until the next project... if you get lucky again.

Like ice-fishing, working now is a matter of luck. Some people wait all day long but no fish will bite. Others get lucky that once they lower their bait, the first fish will raise that flag. And for a few others, they just enjoy moment drinking beer and will go home happy... with or without a catch.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Raise the Roof

Roofing is a labor-intensive job. As an experienced carpenter, roofing is hard work and a back-breaking job. But I take pride in my roofing expertise. In my more than 15 years of experience in carpentry, I did a lot of roofing jobs here in Maine most specifically in the York and Cumberland counties.

I use all kinds of materials available as per owner's request. And most of the time as per my recommendation, of course.

There are different kinds of roofing materials and shingles available here in Maine. Choices are varied but not limited to color, design,and price. However, there are also lots of factors to consider in choosing the right roofing materials like climate or weather, style, quality, house and roof design and of course owner's preference.

Roofing is basic but a significant part of any building construction because it tops off the entire building literally and figuratively. A nicely and expertly built roofing is important for the safety, aesthetic value and total physical makeup of the entire building.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Middle Name

Procrastination should be my middle name... Wifey always say. LOL
Oh well, I have been working on our home renovation for quite awhile now and I had to admit I have been delaying it for many reasons.

My hobbies are not really my priorities but somehow, it is my only outlet to forget about the bad economic situation. It relaxes me when I go hunting... although Wifey is not really happy when I complain about backache for walking for hours in the woods. That would really spark some arguments and a little nagging but still she would rub my back just the same.

But between carpentry and hunting... I still love my job because like hunting... I know I am good at it. hahaha

Well, I will surely find time to continue our renovation project. I just hope that the weather will cooperate... but wait... it's ice-fishing season now. So, let's see. wink*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Drastic Move

Tired of the routine? Thinking of a more drastic change? Dreaming of moving in a totally different and unexplored environment? Think Minsk.

Just try it. And if you have decided to take that challenge... rent apartment in Minsk even if it is just for a short term. Who knows you might love it and stay for good.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Great Investment

Winter here in Maine just started and it’s not as if the snow will thaw in two days. I was born here so I’m used to cold and bitter climate. Wifey on the other hand, came from a tropical country and it’s not surprising that she whines a lot about the weather.

Well, I love winter but somehow I get tired of plowing too. And though I love ice fishing, it would be nice if I could go scuba diving. Better yet, it would be nice if we can move elsewhere where the climate is mild like in Nosara Land in Costa Rica. Well, if money is not an issue, Costa Rica is a great place to invest on land.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Between Money Issues and Fishing

I had to admit, with the current economic situation my construction business is not doing well enough compared in the past and I know I am not alone. And keeping my head above the waters is always a struggle. And when the economy is bad, I need to do something to supplement my earning. Good thing provides a lot of Money Articles that can help and educated people like me to find alternative ways and money making ideas to get additional income.

This is the New Year, if we cannot do anything about the economy because it is somebody else’s job, the least I can do is to keep the hope, explore other possibilities and enjoy… fishing.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dreaming of Palms and Beaches

Winter in Maine is one of the reasons why Wifey and I are looking into the prospect of retiring in sunshine state. The thoughts of the warm climate and wonderful beaches are the closest place to being in paradise. And if you are thinking of getting a perfect home in Florida… it is easy with West Palm Beach Real Estate.

Winter in Maine can be bitter, long and depressing. During this time, work is indeed scarce aside from the fact that the economy is still not doing pretty well in construction business. Anywhere you look, you can find foreclosure properties. And even remodeling and renovation projects are not too popular nowadays because everybody is doing their own remodeling and renovation job. Thanks to DIY… it makes our craft even more invaluable.

Winter in Maine can be brutally cold and it would be nice if we could move down south where we can enjoy the sun and walk in the beach. Instead of ice fishing, it would be nice if I could explore the everglade and take photos of the alligators. And I’m sure Wifey will be very happy shopping downtown in flip-flops.

Winter in Maine will have no effect at all if you have a home in West Palm Beach. If you are not from Maine, West Palm Beach is still the best place closest to paradise and this is the best time to acquire properties and take advantage of the economic situation. And the West Palm Beach Real Estate Buyer’s Agents are the best people who can help you find your dream home in paradise.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Extended Holiday

It's still the Holidays, sort of. The long holiday weekends gave me extended time hanging out with my wife at home. But with the monster storm raging the Nor'eastern, Mainers and plow trucks alike, are taking a break from the holiday break to make our loved ones safe.

It's still the Holidays, kinda. The long weekend of 2010 would have been nice if not with the monster storm bringing an average of 14 inches of snow. And it would have been nicer if work will boom again. But since the storm left an impressive accumulation of snow, my work is now limited to plowing aside from helping out a friend clean his chimney.

Everyone has been praying for changes and a better year. 2009 was not too favorable in the economic aspect but still we were able to survive. We just hope that this year, everything will bounch back and the economy will improve so we can get more work.

Happy New Year Everyone.
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