Sunday, November 22, 2009

Between Carpentry and Hunting

Hunting season here in Maine is almost over. And since our project is already finished and we are still waiting for the next one, I guess this is my chance to do what I love doing aside from building houses... hunting.

The start of the hunting season was pretty good to me. And I am proud to say that I got a "monster" last week. Yup, it was a 203 pound, 10-pointer buck that I shot around Sabago lake area. The funny thing is, me and my friend had to travel 4 hours north on the first day of the hunting season and didn't see anything but tracks. And this buck that I shot was just about 3 miles from my place.

Oh well, it may not be as big as the one I got in 2007 [250-pounder/14-pointer] where I got the 6th place in the entire state of Maine for the biggest buck and which earned me The Bigest Buck Club patch and certificate from the Maine Sportsman, but still I am happy that I got one this season.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Carpenter's Work

The work of a carpenter is not done when the last nail was pound. It is not over until the last wood is laid. And it is not finished until the last drop of paint is applied.

The work of a carpenter continues maybe not in the same house he built but in the same trust that he built with the home owner. His work is carried on perhaps not in the same place he erected his masterpiece but in the same confidence he set up with his co-worker. And his work remains his legacy as he build new abode to master his craft.
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